Julep Maven August Boho Glam Unboxing

Hi~! A few days ago I received my August Julep Maven box, in Boho Glam.  August’s collection is named The Art Walk, so of course, being an art historian, I had to have it.

A cute thing Julep does is send little bonbons in every Maven box!

I’m really loving these colors for fall, and grey is one of my favourites year round.  I’m sure these two polishes, Erin (grey) and Mary Lee (burgundy) will star in one of my upcoming Manicure Mondays, so I won’t talk too much about them today.


The plush pout lip crayon is an interesting hybrid.  It is a twist-style crayon, with a moisturizing core in the middle and lipstick on the edges.  First off, I know crayons are trendy, but I don’t see any advantages lip crayons have over conventional lipstick tubes, especially when they’re twisties and have a cap (if someone makes a capless crayon, then I’m on board).  The color and saturation of Plush Pout is really great, buuuuut that moisturizing core in the center really throws me off balance.  On one hand, with the moisturizing core, this is a nicely smooth medium-wear lip color.  On the other hand, the colorless core makes even application of the lip color tricky.  In my opinion, the way to achieve the most even coverage is by using a lip brush – which defeats the point of a carry-all crayon.    I’m not sure how much this Plush Pout retails for on its own, but as part of this fall set, I’m glad to have it.

If you love what you see here and want to sign up for your own fully customizable Julep Maven box or check out their full selection of great beauty products,  I have two great deals for you!

Only for the month of September, sign up for Julep Maven and get a Limited Edition Fall Neutrals 4-Piece Welcome Box! That’s two times the size of the normal welcome box!

If you’re already a Julep Maven, use code FABFALL to get gift set free with $25+ purchase.

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