Julep Maven Bombshell

According to the dictionary, the word “maven” comes from the Yiddish word meyvn, meaning “one who understands.”  Sure, I understand – what it means to be a product junkie.  Because when you need your fix mailed to you every month, you are seriously addicted.

julep maven bombshell
My very first box from some months ago.

It may seem weird that out of all the beauty themed subscription boxes out there (Birchbox anyone?), I am hooked on Julep, one of the more niche subscriptions as it focuses on a single brand of nail color and care.  Why?    It might be their veeery pretty boxes and easy to use website, but I’m not going to lie – it’s definitely because I can reliably count on their products to kick ass most of the time.  There’s no such thing as returning the things you don’t like when you hop on the subscription box train, and with Julep, I really don’t feel like I need to.   I’ve been a Maven for something like half a year, with no plans to stop.

I love nails because it’s a pop of color that lasts longer than makeup or accessories.  I use my nail color and design as a sort of personal mood setter each week.  Happy to see the sun?  Splash on some canary yellow.  Need to get down to business?  Switch to a vampy plum.  Plus, it’s a relaxing ritual to take care of my nails as I watch TV.

I’ve already forgotten exactly which colors Julep sent me in my first Maven box because I now own so many Julep polishes (needless to say, they were so great that I wanted more).  As for the Might Nail & Cuticle Serum, I have finished the entire tube completely!  Thank god I have more boxes coming… did someone say “reorder?”

Stay tuned for box reveals as they come. 😉  Want to check out Julep for yourself?  Click here for your first box, free!