Graze: Fourth of July Edition

Look at what the cat dragged in (and by cat I mean mailman, although if my cat fetched this for me I would be pretty impressed):

The most epic box design in Graze history.

Yes, I know it’s not 4th of July anymore, but do I love this box design.  Will there be a day when people will covet these special edition boxes for collection?  Just me?  Ok, well.  Let’s take a look inside.


Over at Graze, they call each portion of snacks a “punnet.”  I love that the snacks are individually packed, as it encourages me to grab-and-go.   I received a “nibblebox,” the original box that draws from “over 90 of the tastiest nibbles” in the Graze kitchens.  They also offer a “caloriecounterbox” which only selects snacks that are under 150 calories.

2014-07-08 14.00.02_edited
Each box comes with a little leaflet that tells you the nutritional information for the four included snacks.

I started getting hooked on Graze while I was finishing up my graduate degree and going crazy because I was hungry and stressed all the time.  It was really fun and convenient to get some healthy and tasty snacks every week without having to make a lot of effort.  So far, my absolute favourite snacks are “toffee apple” (chewy dried granny smiths with a toffee dipping sauce) and chocolate pecan pie (an assortment of fudge, chopped dates and pecan nuts).

2014-07-08 14.00.19_edited
I’m especially excited to try this one!!

Oh and if this post has made you hungry, head on over to Graze.  Use the code EVAL7Z6PP when you sign up and get your first box FREE, on me.  ;D