Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift

I rarely regret my beauty purchases, because if I don’t like something I buy then I immediately return it.  Guerlain’s Kiss Kiss Liplift,  however, is an unfortunate exception.  Whenever I open my lipstick box and see it, I always get especially sad – because it’s so beautiful!  Just look at it!  I was seduced by its sculpted gold exterior and convinced myself that “you get what you pay for,” i.e. a premium, can’t-be-beat lip primer.


But the gold tube is where the attraction ends.  Inside is the weirdest formula – dry and sandy, it stubbornly refuses to apply on my lips with any grace.  Furthermore, I don’t see any results either, whether used as a standalone moisturizer or applied underneath lipstick.  I didn’t notice any increase in comfort or durability.  It likely helped prevent slippage (because dry = friction right?) but that’s not usually one of my concerns.

Now that I know, would I return it if I could turn back time?  Maybe.  It does look really nice on my counter though…