Boscia Cool Blue Calming Mask and Bright White Mask

Ugh, summer weather.  Not only does it make me feel like a sticky monster whose only superpower is to produce buckets of sweat, it also causes my skin to go crazy.  My cheeks and nose get really red, and breakouts not only increase in number but stray beyond their usual T-zone territory.  What’s a girl to do?

2014-07-08 13.53.55_edited
The mask set on my dresser.

My answer is to lather myself in masks.  I love every kind of mask, but I especially love peel off masks – if because of nothing else but the satisfaction of peeling it away at the end.  Peel off masks hug closer to your skin which gives the product an increased ability to do its magic. Plus, it saves you the pain of having to wash or tissue off a particularly stubborn product (clay masks anyone?  They feel great, but what a chore).

I’ve heard a lot of great things about Boscia’s masks, but have been a little put off by the price tags – at $38 a pop for the Bright White Mask, that’s about twice the cost of a good mask from another brand, like Origins.  I was lucky enough to stumble upon a deal at Sephora, where they were selling the Bright White Mask and the Cool Blue Calming Mask as a set for the price of one.  What a steal!  Boscia says:

Cool Blue Calming Mask: A calming, refreshing peel-off mask that instantly cools, calms inflammation, and hydrates.

Bright White MaskA brightening peel-off mask that helps to visibly even skin tone and diminish the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

After peeling off - you can see how the mask is pearlescent.
After peeling off – you can see how the mask is still slightly pearlescent.

Getting home that night, I used the Cool Blue mask right away.  It has a thick gel consistency and is pearlescent and translucent.  At first, I made the mistake of applying with a brush (I couldn’t resist! The brush feels so nice, it’s like being petted by a bird), but this formula goes on more evenly with fingers.  After application, you will look like a shiny blue monster instead of a sweaty one.  Feel free to invent an accompanying superpower (mine was the ability to turn sunlight into fairy dust).  This mask lives up to it’s name – it’s very cooling.  Of all the masks I’ve used, I think this one has the most intense and long-lasting tingle, which I love.  The tingling is also a great signal, because once it stops to tingle, it’s ready to be taken off.  Away you peel!

If you have trouble getting a grasp on your peel masks, simply rub your finger back and forth on an edge until it loosens up and forms a little roll which you can pull on.   If there are any bits left, simply rinse off.   After removing the Cool Blue mask, my face looked incredibly smooth and illuminated.  I was very very impressed and kept touching my own face.

I used the Bright White mask the next day, and funnily enough, I don’t think the Bright White leaves you quite as bright as the Cool Blue does.  It’s a great mask as well, with a cream consistency (this one you can use a brush with).  Boscia recommends that the white mask be applied generously so that it is opaque without any skin showing through.  The Bright White mask is more hydrating than the Cool Blue, and feels great on the cheeks.  This duo would be ideal for someone with combination skin, like myself, to use together as a multi-mask, with the Cool Blue on the T-zone and the Bright White on the cheeks.

I’m so happy with these masks that I’m really tempted to go out and buy every mask Boscia has.  I’m especially curious about the Luminizing Black mask and the Green Tea Oil-Control mask.  Maybe next time!