Performance Colors Lipsticks

Performance Colors is an indie makeup brand that many people love for their super saturated and nondrying lipsticks.  They also sell eye colors (pressed, cream, and pencil), pressed foundation, pressed blush, and cream concealer.  I decided to go with the tried-and-true and placed an all lipstick order.  Their lipsticks come in two types, restorative and matte, and there is a HUGE range of colors.  I had a hard time narrowing down to what I wanted!  Not every color on their Etsy store has a lip swatch though, which would have been helpful, as the colors in the tube look darker than they do when swatched.

2014-12-29 18.27.29_edited
From left to right: RESTORATIVE (top row) Zombie Bride, Lovepoem, Orchid, South of France MATTE (bottom row) Pink Choco, Hibiscus, Neon Flamingo, Vertigo sample

My order came in two separate baggies, each with a label about the type of lipstick they are, with ingredient lists.  I received a sample of Vertigo, in a little clamshell.  I appreciate how nicely labeled everything is!

2014-12-29 18.23.13_edited

Overall, these lipsticks are true lipsticks and not tinted lip balms.  They are super pigmented and both formulas have pretty good staying power, even through drinking and eating.  Lipsticks feel nice and smooth.  Every color I got stained the lips in a nice way that doesn’t settle into cracks.  They also do well with added lip balm underneath or on top of the color, if you have dry lips like me and would like a little extra moisture.

Ordered on December 21, 2014

Shipped on December 26, 2014

Received on December 29, 2014.

TAT was really great during the holiday season, and the price was right too!  Performance Colors offers a pack of three lipsticks for the price of two ($12),  and on top of that if you spend $20 they will throw in a free lipstick!  I also used a 10% Reddit discount, and in total I paid $21.60 plus shipping.  Tiffany was a great communicator too, and responded to my question about stacking the discounts within a day.


2014-12-29 19.12.18_edited
From top to bottom: Zombie Bride, Lovepoem, South of France, Orchid. Swatched by swiping out of the tube.

Feels like a balm, looks like lipstick

While these lipsticks do feel like a balm, I wouldn’t say that they are restorative in the way a balm is, especially in comparison to a tinted lip balm like the Ten Three Labs smudge sticks.  Each has a pearlescent sheen, and of the four colors I got, Zombie Bride and South of France are the shiniest.  I was a little iffy about Zombie Bride because it is such a dark color in the tube, but I picked it up because everyone who raves about Performance Colors seem to adore it.  They were right!  It’s a very unique vampy color and I was impressed by the full dark plum base with blue shimmer, plus, it leaves a beautiful stain.  My favourite restorative color of the bunch is Orchid, it goes on as a pinkish lavender that gives a ‘fresh’ look.


2014-12-29 19.20.46_edited
From top to bottom: Vertigo, Hibiscus, Neon Flamingo, Pink Choco. Swatched by swiping out of the tube, except for the sample of Vertigo, which was swatched with a finger.

Extended wear formula feels great on – stays put won’t dry out your lips super saturated color

As you can see in the picture, the matte lipsticks are more opaque than the restorative formula.  Vertigo and Neon Flamingo took two swipes to reach opacity, and Hibiscus and Pink Choco only took one swipe.  I found Neon Flamingo to be difficult to apply properly, because one coat looks patchy and is not quite opaque, but two coats can look a little heavy.  I definitely had to blot it to make it look right.  Hibiscus and Pink Choco however, are amazing.  Easy to apply evenly, and Pink Choco is a fantastic MLBB color.

These matte lipsticks live up to their claim of not being drying, but because of that there is a slight sheen to these lipsticks due to moisture.  As they dry the sheen goes away and the lipstick becomes truly matte.  Although they are not drying, they are not as moist as the restorative formula.